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Learn to Skate is for Everyone!

We Are Very Excited to introduce you to our New Learn To Skate Program!

Anyone, regardless of age,  may sign up for a"LTS" session!  LTS sessions will be broken down into 4 (5 week sessions) per year.  If you sign up for the first session during hockey registration it will run from  Saturday, October 14th through November 11th and it will cost you $75.  Any subsequent sessions a skater would like to take will be $50 per session and will be paid to the figure skating club directly.

Sessions will be  instructed by Certified Skating Coaches from the Mason City Figure Skating Club.  

  • Ages 5 & under will start in the Snowplow series which is equal to Basic 1 & 2 but more broken out to accommodate smaller children and typically shorter attention spans. Snowplow groups are under the 5 to 1 ratio but they will make every effort to keep it at 3 maybe 4. Once a child passes all four snowplow levels they would graduate into a program (whether it be New to Hockey  or Figure Skating).  
  • At age 6 they will try to read the child and their abilities whether they need to be more broken out (i.e. Snowplow) or can handle Basic 1&2
  • Ages 7 and up go directly to Basic 1&2. These class sizes are typically up to 8 skaters per instructor, but again they will try to keep it around 5 skaters.

Sessions will consist of a 20 min class and then the remainder of the time the skater spends in the practice ice areas or they can choose to leave if they want. They will make an effort to include organized activities in the practice area this season.

Based off of last seasons Figure Skating LTS sessions they will have 3-4 class levels going on at the same time for 20 min sections, and then swap. Some skaters will start with practice ice and then rotate to the lesson, and vise versa. With the hour long time frame they may try to have three sections OR have practice time for the last 15-20mins. Their system is organized by color coded name tags which match the color of cone their lesson area will be at. 

The skaters progress through the levels at their pace with formal testing at the end of each 5 week session. If your skater has never taken an LTS class, they will be evaluated on their first lesson to assess their skating capabilities, if they are returning skaters in the LTS program, they would just pick up where they left off.

Please take the time to read the detailed descriptions of the skills that will be taught for both the Snow Plow Level and  the Basic 1 & 2 Lessons.

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