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Second Session Learn to Skate and Learn to Play

The Second Session of Learn to Skate and Learn to Play Registration is now open!  The 12 week session starts January 6th and lessons are every Wednesday and Saturday.  Please use the link to the right to sign up for the second session.


Mason City Youth Hockey

5th Annual Hockey Fights Cancer Game

January 30th, 2021

JV 5:30 p.m.

Varsity 7:30 p.m.


Free Will Donation Buckets at the Door and Concessions with money going to Cerro Gordo County Relay for Life.




The new proclamation from Governor Reynolds is as follows:

January 8th, 2021 - February 6th, 2021

Section 6 B

Sporting and recreational gatherings:  Except for collegiate or professional sporting or recreational gatherings, all sporting and recreational gatherings, including sporting, recreational, and other extracurricular gatherings sponsored by a high school, must comply with the following requirements:

1.  Social Distancing Required:  The gathering organizer and all spectators must ensure 6 feet of physical distance between each group of spectators.

2.  Masks Required:  Although athletes or student participants are not required to wear a mask while participating in a gathering, all other participants and spectators over the age of two shall wear a mask or other face covering for all gatherings.


Photo by Miller Photography

We love to cheer on our favorite teams, but how does the Governor's Proclamation effect who can be a spectator at a youth or high school game? Photo by Miller Photography

The Governor’s proclamation that now allows tickets for all members of an athletic participant’s household has still led to questions regarding siblings, divorce, grandparents, etc. IGHSAU and IHSAA try to clear up any confusion.

The proclamation language allows for the organizer (host of the event) to allow two tickets for each athlete, participant, performer, etc. unless all ticket holders are from the same household.

If a family has two participants, they get two allotments and are not limited to a household. For example, an athlete participates in basketball and her brother is in the pep band. For one participant, the participant can invite the household; the other gets a maximum of two additional tickets.

If a participant has a divided household (i.e., the parents have joint custody), both halves of the family are part of the participant's household. They are both households for the participant, when viewed from the participant's vantage point.

The host school, as organizer, would be required for ensuring compliance with the language of the proclamation. In the case of an athletic event, the host school coordinates ticket requests for the visiting school.

Q. What is meant by household?

A. A household includes those people who live/reside under the same roof as the player/participant/performer/coach, etc.

Q. Would a student who is living in two households due to a divorce or similar situation be allowed to have both households attend?

A. Yes, the student who is living in two homes would be allowed to have tickets for members of both households.

Q. Can a district issue additional tickets to provide for grandparents or others who previously were approved as one of the two tickets for a student?

A. Districts are only allowed to provide tickets to the members of the household that the athlete, performer, etc. reside under the same roof with OR two tickets. Not both for one athlete.

Q. Do schools have to account for the individuals in the household and track names for the tickets?

A. How each district manages the ticketing process is local control and host schools for athletic events are charged with following the guidance. The intent of allowing members of the household is to increase the number of spectators tied to one individual without substantially increasing the risk of spreading the virus. Two tickets did not cover entire families, nor provide options for divorce situations.

Q. Do the tickets for coaches also include members of his/her household?

A. The two tickets that were previously allowed in all categories-athletes, performers, band members, cheerleaders, dance teams members, coaches, have now been expanded to include all members of the household for that individual.

Q. Do members of the households have to wear masks and social distance?

A. Members of the same household may sit together, but must social distance from other households. Masks are still required. Nothing in the proclamation changed those requirements.

Q. Are schools/conferences required to extend the number of spectators to include members of the household?

A. If schools/conferences wish to continue with the two spectator limit, they may do so as a school/conference.

Q. Do spectators still need to leave after their child has competed, performed, etc.?

A. Yes. The latest proclamation does not change that requirement.

Q. If a family member is away at college and returns for break, is he/she allowed to attend as part of the household?

A. Yes, as long as the college student has his/her primary residence (permanent address) as the family household.

(Thank you to Keith Murphy out of Des Moines for the clarification.)

MCYH Captial Campaign Continues

Despite COVID the MCYH Capital Campaign continues as we work to pay our portion of the new Mason City Arena in partnership with the City of Mason City.

The Capital Campaign just began it's second year, and we are edging closer to our goal of 1. 5 million dollars in purchasing the ice system, boards and glass for the new Mason City Arena.

Two ways of giving are visible on the Concourse Level of the arena, the Hockey Stick Wall and Hockey Puck Wall.  Giving levels for these two recognition walls includes, $250, $300, $500 and $5000 gifts.  

Each week we will feature other opportunities for giving.  For more information on other opportunities now, click on our Capital Campaign Tab or email 

Capital Campaign Hockey Puck Wall

Give by Clicking Links and Printing Forms

Use these pledge forms to purchase a Puck or Hockey Stick for display on the Concourse Level of Mason City Arena.

100% of your tax-deductable gift will go towards the infrastructure costs associated with the move to the new arena and fullfilling our obligation to the City in partnership with the Mason City Arena building project.

2020-21 In-House Team Sponsors

We are grateful for the support of local businesses to sponsor our in-house hockey league!  Make sure to thank them the next time you frequent one of our sponsor businesses!  Scroll through the photos below to see all our team sponsors!




Broadcasting on AM-1490 & 96.7-FM KRIB and, tune-in or log-in to hear Bob Fisher give the play-by-play for the 2020-21 Season.

For information on advertising/sponsoring the broadcasts, please reach out to Bob Fisher or Dalena Barz for more information.

Click on the link for a list of all the Mohawk High School Hockey Games that will be broadcast.


Practice, In-House and Home Ice Schedule

Check out the practice, in-house and home ice schedule for the new season in the link below!

New Mural on High School Locker Room Wall

Pike Paints Mural in HS Locker Room

Mason City Youth Hockey Alum Gabriel Pike has spent his free time the last few weeks painting a giant Mohawk Hockey logo in the Mohawk High School Locker Room.

We are thankful for our Alumni who give back with their time and talents!  

2020-2021 Youth Hockey Registration is Now Open!